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SafeRide Elite Vehicle Lift

SafeRide Elite Vehicle Lift

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Effortlessly and safely transport your mobility scooter or wheelchair with the SafeRide Elite Vehicle Lift.  This premium lift boasts a sleek design, powerful operation, and user-friendly controls for ultimate convenience.  The SafeRide Elite is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and features a weight capacity to accommodate most mobility scooters and wheelchairs.


  • Weight Capacity: To be specified based on chosen model (consider a range to accommodate most scooters and wheelchairs)
  • Lifting Height: To be specified based on chosen model (ensure compatibility with various vehicle heights)
  • Platform Dimensions: To be specified based on chosen model (consider standard scooter/wheelchair sizes)
  • Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types (sedans, SUVs, vans)
  • Wireless remote control for effortless operation
  • Automatic arm deployment and retraction for added safety
  • Audible and visual safety warnings
  • Weather-resistant construction for long-lasting durability
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